About Us
We're not your typical IP attorney.
About Us
We aren't your typical software firm.
FENIX.AI was founded in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado. We use cutting edge technology to provide an unmatched level of speed, quality and affordability for patent practitioners. We enable an elite network of patent practitioners to provide high quality services and the lowest prices in the industry


Polaris IP was founded in 2017 in Golden, Colorado. Our team is focused on one thing: providing high quality patent preparation services at a low cost.

Mike Carey

Mike is a patent attorney with F. Chau & Associates, the founder of FENIX.AI, and the nation's leading expert on patent automation, having developed the first widely used patent automation system.

Mr. Carey also prepares and prosecutes utility patents with an emphasis on the technology areas of AI, software, and electrical and mechanical engineering. Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Mr. Carey was a Major, Chief of Command Post, and Judge Advocate in the United States Air Force, and flew a C-130 in multiple combat deployments.Mike is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Patent Practitioners, and has been recognized by the USPTO for his regular Pro bono contributions to the local community.

Mike’s academic credentials include a JD from Harvard Law School, a MS in physics from North Carolina State University, and a BS Mathematics from BYU.

Chase Wright

Chase is the Chief of Operations at Fenix.ai. He is a registered patent agent with over 10 years of experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications across a wide range of technologies, with a focus on Electrical Engineering fields including wireless communications (emerging 5G and Bluetooth technology), semiconductors, digital signal processing, multimedia, artificial intelligence, and network security. Chase also has extensive experience using patent automation tools, having prepared hundreds of applications using cutting edge technology.

Prior to pursuing his career in Intellectual Property, Chase worked as Project Manager for a Lincoln-based holding company and also has experience in intellectual property development and business development.

Chase's academic credentials include a BS in Physics Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Nick Zustak

Nick is a patent agent with over ten years of experience in preparing patents and patent drawings. He has focused on the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering. Nick’s interests include computer and chemical engineering and software development, as well as infrared photography and electronic music.
Nick’s academic credentials include a B.S.  in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines.

Danny Bacon

Danny is a patent engineer and technical writer with over 7 years of experience in the aerospace and automotive racing. Danny has worked with Gulfstream Aerospace, supporting the manufacturing of the G450, G550, and G650 interiors. he also worked with Team Penske as an aerodynamic researcher and designer for the NASCAR Cup Program, winning the Daytona 500 as an aerodynamicist in 2015. 

Danny’s interests include derivative trading, mountain biking, fishing, and anything outdoors or with a motor.
Danny's academic credentials include a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Southern University.

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