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Allowed within 14 months

I have always had a lifelong dream of inventing something and having it patented. A couple of years ago that dream started to become a reality. I developed a device that can be used in building construction. I conducted research on the patent process and I even had the opportunity to talk with a neighbor who had recently spent over $50,000 to obtain a patent. I did not know where to begin. I was not sure how I would get the technical write up or the technical drawings completed and there was no way possible my wife and I could afford that kind of price tag to get my device patented.
I was completely overwhelmed by the overall patent process and the cost. Needless to say my lifelong dream soon began to elude me until I discovered FENIX.AI. I filled out an information request and they contacted me right away. He and explained the entire patent process walking me through each step. I have to admit that at first I was very surprised and a little skeptical that FENIX.AI could actually deliver getting everything completed for such a relatively low cost and in such a short amount of time.
The whole process was very efficient and simple. Initially I provided pictures and a basic write up explaining the purpose and key benefits features of my invention. After they reviewed my submission we discussed the photos and write up to ensure they understood the full scope of my invention. When FENIX.AI team completed the write up and technical drawings they were sent to me for my approval. I made few changes and recommendations and sent them back. Then we discussed the changes until we came to a general consensus.
We had a few bumps in the road along the way. The Patent Office denied my claim stating my invention was similar to other inventions previously awarded a Patent. Mike had initially warned me this might happen, but I was devastated and wanted to give up. The team at FENIX.AI kept me motivated, stayed on course, and gave me hope. After responding to the Patent Office I received a Patent for my invention.
The total cost including preparation fees, submission fees, and office action responses for the Patent were only a fraction of what my neighbor had payed to receive his patent. FENIX.AI was truly a blessing; they enabled me to obtain my lifelong dream on a shoestring budget. They are true professionals in every sense of the word by providing quality and care in everything they do. If you choose FENIX.AI you will not be disappointed.
Thank you!
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Allowed within a year of filing with the USPTO.

I started to get to know Mike and FENIX.AI at a startup event at Galvanize Boulder two years ago. He is the most entrepreneurial lawyer I ever met in my entire career.  He served in the military and got a law degree from Harvard. He is a very impressive person to talk to, knows how to code and how to explain very complex patent laws to newcomers.  
FENIX.AI helped us get our first patent granted within one year. It's super impressive. As a startup founder, I think Polaris is the most affordable patent firm out there with a quick execution. I highly recommend them and their services. I can certainly vouch for them!


US62645457, Provisional

Everything looks good! You’re amazing! I wanted to thank you! This is so exciting! You’re an amazing person!



Allowed within 27 months of filing with the USPTO.

Quality , Professional , Attention to Detail. These words describe Michael Carey and FENIX.AI’s service. From writing the application for patent tofollow up and completion Michael and FENIX.AI kept us informed and up to date on progress. OurGOTEM Bait Transformer Series patent was finalized in less than 2 years. GOTEM Baits will continue towork with and recommend FENIX.AI .Thank you Michael Carey and FENIX.AI.

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